Sarah Palin calls in to KFYI


It’s Barry Markson hosting *for* the Barry Young show on KFYI and here’s the entire interview… (h/t IizThatIiz)

h/t Andrew Babinski

Sarah Palin Calls In To KFYI

This is the audio from the show that Barry Markson hosts on KFYI550. (I hope I’ve got that info correct…) The call screener actually hung up on Sarah because he didn’t believe it was really her calling in.


She’s in Arizona visiting Bristol and also mentioned being in Phoenix to do studio work for Sportsman Channel. She chats for a few minutes and talks about who she likes in 2016. Give it a listen.

I think the moral of this story for radio hosts (and call screeners, lol) is that you never know who’s listening to your show.

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Amazing America – Promo 2

The second promo! The show premieres in 17 days and I can’t wait.

An excerpt from the press release (h/t Shannon Kolpin):

Governor Palin takes viewers coast-to-coast into what Sportsman Channel calls “Red, Wild and Blue America” – where the American Spirit and the Great Outdoors are celebrated in equal measure. From everyday people to business leaders and celebrities; in cities, suburbs and towns; the leader of the “Status Go” movement – Palin – will find the stories of people and places that share and reflect her passion for what makes America the great, amazing nation that it is.
Sportsman Channel is a part of the nation’s largest multimedia company targeted exclusively to serving the information and entertainment needs of outdoors enthusiasts.

Be sure to check out the premiere episode of ‘Amazing America with Sarah Palin’ on Thursday, April 3rd at 8:00 PM (EST). Check here for more information:

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Sarah Palin…featured in April issue of Guns & Ammo

At CPAC, I had the pleasure of meeting some of the PR/Marketing people who work for the Sportsman Channel (more of that later in my CPAC round-up). This just hit my inbox. Enjoy!



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Focus. #2014

It’s been awhile. SarahPAC released the following video today.

Loaded for Bear!

SarahPAC, with an assist from some fabulous video makers (such a technical term) Pass Code Creative , serves up some inspiration and a much needed reminder to focus. The 2014 elections are only 20 months away with 35 Senate seats and 36 governorships up for grabs. Is there a local candidate you’d like to see win? Is there anything you can do to help them? Consider this and then call their volunteer headquarters and see what you can do to help.

Sidenote: Writing my first open-thread/update at Palin4America tomorrow. Wish me luck!:-)

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I often overhear the most amusing conversations when I’m out and about. Typically, the most amusing conversations are overheard at coffee shops.

Coffee shops have static customers (those that sit for long periods of time, working on papers for school, studying, surfing the internet, etc…) and dynamic customers (the ones who walk in, get their coffee and leave). Often, these dynamic customers know one of the static customers and stop by to have a quick chat.

That happened this morning with the person studying next to me, who we’ll call Static A. Dynamic A breezed in to grab her cup of coffee and stopped to chat with Static A. A character we’ll call Dynamic A began talking about some fitness class that she had attended at Static A’s recommendation. She was complaining about how $16 for a walk-in class was too expensive and she “couldn’t afford it.” Perhaps. Static A interjected that it’s more affordable when a pack of 10 classes is purchased for $100, making each class only $10. Dynamic A then began whining about how she didn’t even see Static A in the class and blah blah blah.

I was beginning to tune out of the conversation when Dynamic A said she had to get going because she was “going to get a mani-pedi” today. It took quite a bit of self-control to not laugh out loud. I probably shouldn’t get into all the details of how valuable and important it is to invest in your health because this blog post could get really looooong. The whining of Dynamic A this AM provides an opportunity to talk about priorities. The best deal I’ve ever been able to get on a mani-pedi (at a reputable salon) was around $50 *not* including the tip. Just think, $50 for a couple hours of relaxation (also, an important part of staying healthy) or 5 hours of physical fitness at whatever establishment Dynamic A was whining to Static A about. Priorities.

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Radtke: RPV Advance: Bolling should repudiate his statements on Cuccinelli

Received an email from Jamie Radtke this morning which included the following press release regarding Bill Bolling’s recent comments about Ken Cuccinelli.

Kindly share your concerns with Bill Bolling via phone at 804-225-0750 and/or email at

November 30, 2012


Jamie Radtke, a well-known conservative figure in Virginia, today called on the State Central Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia to adopt a resolution calling on Lt. Governor Bill Bolling to repudiate his unfortunate statements made earlier this week about the character and electability of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. The Committee should resolve further that Governor Bob McDonnell should withdraw his delegation of responsibility to Mr. Bolling for economic development, if Mr. Bolling fails to repudiate his statements.

The State Central Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia will be meeting at the Republican Advance today, November 30th, at the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach. To see Jamie’s full letter to State Central Committee members, see below.


Dear Members of State Central Committee,

I humbly request your consideration to adopt a resolution calling on Lt. Governor Bill Bolling to repudiate his unfortunate statements made earlier this week about the character and electability of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli as Governor. The Committee should resolve further that Governor Bob McDonnell should withdraw his delegation of responsibility to Mr. Bolling for economic development (Chief Jobs Creator) if Mr. Bolling fails to repudiate his statements.

Mr. Bolling’s voting record and public positions vary little from those of Mr. Cuccinelli. Mr. Bolling’s personal criticisms of Mr. Cuccinelli are groundless and would be just as offensive and outrageous if directed at a Democrat. Mr. Bolling has further stated to the media that he will refuse to support Mr. Cuccinelli as the Republican nominee for Governor at the conclusion of our Republican Convention in May, which is in direct violation of our Republican Party Plan. Conservatives have consistently demonstrated a willingness to abide by the process outlined in the Party Plan. The expectation should be no different with our elected officials.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this important proposal that will reaffirm our support and dedication to represent the Republican grassroots of Virginia. Family obligations will prevent me from being at your business meeting Friday afternoon, but I will be in attendance at the Republican Advance later in the day and Saturday.

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Preparing to Lose

That’s right, Mitt Romney should be preparing to lose. If you believe the corrupt MSM and the eeyore-ish conservative blogosphere, Mitt Romney is going to lose and it won’t even be close. Pack it in. Prepare for 2016. Jeb Bush/Chris Christie/Marco Rubio to the rescue!

Gag, right? It’s been said (originally, I don’t know) that we’d be better off picking our leaders from the phone book. After some of the failures of the Bush admin/GOP in his terms (not representative of Conservatism, btw) and many of those same failures/policies being continued, on steroids, during the Obama administration; the phonebook quip rings more and more true.

Would you the average citizen, your name plucked at random from the phone book, do some of the things Obama has done? Especially when facing re-election, a mere 45 days away. Would you:

-Refuse to meet with Netanyahu, but make time for a photo-op with a pirate? (Puh-leeze tell me this is photoshopped.)

-Let someone re-do the American flag with *your* symbol and then hawk it for campaign funds? (This tweet originally showed the flag for sale. Now the “improved” flag is missing. Hmm.)

-Ask people to pledge to *you* about some issue that’s important to them?

-Go to sleep while a US ambassador’s location/status was unknown? (BTW, this whole foreign policy failure should end any and all hopes of a Hillary Clinton run in 2016.)

-Go on Letterman while the world was burning and forget the national debt?

-Fundraise with Beyonce, Jay-Z and an opulent champagne tower (But we represent you man, the 99%!) while Americans are struggling?

-Would you let the rumor* get out that you’re planning to buy a $35 million estate in Hawaii? An estate that will be ready to move into, not January of 2017, but January of 2013?!?

Breaking –> Would you release 1/3 of Gitmo detainees, never mind right before an election?

I would argue that the most telling clue was dropped this past Thursday. Obama said “you can’t change Washington from the inside.” This from the man who four years ago repeatedly claimed the HE was precisely the right person for the job, the right person to bring change to Washington, (why he said this and why people believed him, I’m unsure) simply b/c he hadn’t been a part of it. Or something. Seriously. *You know guys, I can’t change Washington while I hold the MOST POWERFUL POSITION in the free world.* From “Yes we can!” to ‘No, I can’t’ in just four short years of some of the most rankly amateurish “leadership” our citizenry has ever seen.

This admission/reversal was a trial balloon of sorts to his most devoted supporters. Sadly, they are still brainwashed from his campaign 4 years ago (thanks in large part to his water-carrying, corrupt, lap dog media). ‘But he tried really hard!’ his supporters will say. The trip to Letterman, the fundraising with Hollywood, the interview with Pimp with a Limp (on 9/11!), snubbing Netanyahu and fundraising with Bey & Jay all equal attempts to solidify street cred. So when he loses in November, his fans will still love him. Sad isn’t it, knowing that to some of our fellow citizens the aforementioned things matter MORE to them than the seriousness of protecting our country, policies, taxes, etc.. Sure, not everyone loves the nitty gritty of politics but you don’t have to be a policy wonk to understand Obama hasn’t been doing his job. #EmptyChair

These decisions and the admission/reversal from the smartest president evah! So my original question: Would you as an average citizen do the things Obama has done, ALL of them just in the past 11 days? No, you wouldn’t. You’re smarter than that. Apparently, Obama is wising up and doing something about it: preparing to lose.

*As ‘Mo noted on twitter this AM, the Hawaii house is just a rumor. However, it’s a rumor that we should be spreading far and wide to demoralize Dems. Heck, it may not even matter. If the kool-aid has lingered and his supporters buy that whole “can’t change Washington from the inside” excuse, Obama may be living in that palatial Hawaiian home in January of 2013 & some of his supporters will still call you racist if you tell them about it.

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